Using footage shot on a trip to Mexico, this feature-length essay film explores the childhood memories of Irish artist and film maker, Nick Stewart, and Mexican writer and artist, Helen Blejerman, while also reflecting on contemporary Mexican life as encountered on a two week trip there.

Stewart was brought up in Ireland and lived in Belfast through the darkest days of the conflict there. The experience of that time runs through the dozen or so stories that make up his half of the script of the film. Blejerman has written another set of stories that similarly explore her Mexican childhood and subsequent move to the UK. These stories counterpoint documentary footage shot while traveling in Mexico. Structured around the 21 stories that constitute the script, the film weaves a network of associations, memories and observations together in a non-linear narrative that is, by turns, political, biographical, poetic and factual.

The music of Nils Frahm, that underscores many of the sequences, is an essential part of the film.